Hi! I’m Celeste, Mistress of Foods in Love and person who lays awake in bed at 2 a.m. furiously typing notes on her phone when a particularly cheesy-yet-hopefully-unique food love pun strikes her consciousness. Because, of course, I dream of food.

Foods in Love evolved from a tacky Valentine’s Day card I made for The Mister a few years ago.

<Story Time>

It was the morning of, and I realized that I had dropped the ball that year. Besides going to Home Depot (our annual Valentine’s tradition–investing in the Love Cocoon), Valentine’s Day for us is typically a fancy dinner cooked together rounded off with a dessert I’d made beforehand. Alas, fridge bereft of ingredients necessary to bake something spectacular, I copped out and doodled a quick card (inspired by Saveur).

</Story Time>

Needless to say, The Mister loved it. And I thought to myself, Well, this is easy! Why not keep the ball rolling? And Foods in Love was born.

It combined a bunch of things I love–food, making The Mister smile (and if I’m lucky, causing him to snort water up his nose), being cheesy without irony, doodling… All in all, a win-win-win-win situation. I mean, the possibilities are endless! There’s more food in the world than I could ever hope to experience, and enough homonym-esque words in various languages to make puns till the cows come home, so I set myself one boundary:

The theme for all my food puns will be love. There’s enough of everything else out there in the world. This is a project born out of love, and I intend to keep it that whey.

All the posts on this site have lived a previous life as a mini card living in an envelope on our fridge, from which The Mister may draw at random whenever fancy strikes. All doodles are hand-doodled with fine point Sharpie and Crayola color pencils, just because, then digitized to be shared with the world.