Brie_FILI love brie. It’s one of my favorite cheeses. Incidentally, I’ve been eating quite a lot of it in the past few days.

It’s easy to come by here in the US, but for those of you who live in places where it’s harder to come by or considered specialty, it’s brielliantly buttery and unbrielievably creamy. Give it a try!

For you well-versed cheesers out there… Cheese Fact!

Did you know that there’s a more mature “black” brie (Brie noir) which is eaten dipped in cafe au laits in certain regions of France?

I even eat the rind now. Because I’m an adult who eats my crusts. Not too long ago I used to scrape out the inside goodness, leaving all the rinds behind (much to The Mister’s aggravation as to my wastefulness).

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