Whether or not this pun makes sense to you depends on how you pronounce the word “pecan”. I’ve always pronounced it as PEE-can (as opposed to pee-KAHN, or pick-AHN). I don’t know why this is my pronunciation of choice, but there’s a fascinating article HERE about regional pronunciation of this delicious nut, and other food dialect trends in the US.

Enjoy, fellow food nerds! Additionally… Pecan FACT!

So I know I tagged this as “Nut”, but did you know that pecans are not actually nuts but drupes?

I’ve been eating a TON of roasted pecans recently. I’d make Pecan Pie with them, but they don’t seem to last long enough to make it to the pie. Oh well.

If you took a pecan to my pantry, you’ll find 2 full drawers stuffed with raw nuts. The Mister really likes his nuts–especially macadamias–but that’s a story for another time.

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