I guess fruit is always on my mind in the summer, and so another fruit post today!

I love melon. This is clearly a cantaloupe, but my love encompasses honeydew, too. When I was living in Japan, I was shocked at how expensive melon was. I mean, you could get melon-flavored everything for normal prices, but if you wanted a REAL melon, it cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Never in a melon years would I pay $50 for a tiny melon, so for 2 years I bided my time and abstained. And ate melon-flavored everything in the meantime. Melon bread, melon soda, melon gummies… you name it, I ate it!

Melon FACT!

Did you know that a moldy cantaloupe found in an Illinois market in 1943 was found to contain the highest yielding strain of mold for penicillin?

Melons saving lives.


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